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  2021.04.21 10:28

Parcel was not attempted


I would like to raise a complaint regarding parcel number 15505206090009 as the driver did not attempt the delivery. He tried to call the given phone number but my sister was not able to pick up the phone. She called the driver back and the driver said he could not even find the house number. DPD delivered several parcel to the same address before so that cannot be the case. 6 people were at home in the time of the delivery so clearly someone would have heard if anybody went to the gate. This is a house not a block of flats. I work for DPD as well and I do not think this is acceptable. Also the system does not show any kind of calling card saying the driver went to the door and attempted the delivery. However driver said he will try to re-attempt the parcel in the afternoon , I hope it will happen to make up for his morning mistake. Thank you, Regards Dora